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Specialty Outdoor Products is the name to know when you are looking for "THE BEST SLINGS MADE", as Seen on TV, manufactured by Specialty Outdoor Products. Our Ultimate Gun and Bow slings are 100% American made. Our slings can be used on your rifle, shotgun, gun, muzzleloader, crossbow, or bow. You have probably seen us on TV and featured at Hunting and Sportsman Show across the country. Constructed of a high-tech thermoplastic, these ultimate gun slings are completely non-slip and will not fall off your shoulder. When used over the shoulder as a 3/4 backpack it gives you hands-free carrying ability. With the flexible material, it is more comfortable than the normal double shoulder gun sling. Unlike a neoprene or rubber gun sling our thermoplastic material will not break down or dry rot from any form of environmental exposure.

The standard Ultimate Firearm Sling, for rifle, shotgun, muzzle-loader or crossbow comes with standard swivels, also manufactured in the USA. Our slings are being used by hunters, the military, and police tactical units around the world.  As previous distributors of the Slogan Outdoors, UltraFlex Sling, we encourage you to save money by contacting us to purchase your Ultimate Gun or Bow Sling. Please be sure to come visit us at our many hunting and outdoor shows we exhibit at around the country.

We make custom tactical gun slings, please call for your specifications and order.

In an effort to bring our Ultimate Slings to your neighborhood we are concentrating on sales from this site and your Local Area Sporting, Hunting, and Gun Shops. Please request our products be carried at your local area shops. Ask the owners or managers to call us TODAY at 734-878-4912 between 9:00am and 8:00pm ET. THANKS!

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